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This Week at Coombe Dingle (W/C 22nd March 2021)

This week at Coombe Dingle, babies have been learning all about the weather! The children got stuck into a tuff tray full of fluffy clouds, squeezing the mixture with their hands and moving toy aeroplanes through the ‘sky’! 

Some babies explored an recycling activity this week, with a huge array of different materials laid out for them. The children looked carefully through the plastic, cardboard and paper and chose which items to be put in the recycling bin. They then learned that the recycling was then taken to a special place where it can be reused and turned into something new!

In the rooftop garden some of our green-fingered babies have been planting seeds! The children carefully poured the soil into pots using their spades, and with a little help planted their pumpkin seeds and watered them.  

Kindergarten this week have been feeling sporty! The children have spent lots of time outside in the sunshine, exploring different physical activities. Some children have been kicking footballs and throwing frisbees, whilst some developed their hand eye coordination hitting tennis balls with a racket!

Back indoors some children explored a multi-sensory activity using beautiful daffodils! The children used their hands to touch the stems and petals, smelled them, and even used them as art making tools by dipping them in paint and shaping salt dough with them!

Kindergarten have also spent time this week talking about our homes. They took turns talking about who lives in their homes, and what they look like. They then read the story of the Three Little Pigs, and made amazing collages of houses built of sticks, straw and bricks! 

This week Pre-School have been learning all about dental hygiene and teeth! The children read a book all about the dentist, the different people who work there and the various tools they use when you visit. The children suggested ways that they can help keep their teeth clean and healthy, and even gave the paper teeth a ‘polish’! 

Some Pre-Schoolers have been learning about their local community, discussing all the special buildings and landmarks that Bristol has. The children talked about the ones they have visited and even drew their favourites!

With the warm sunny weather approaching the children took part in a gardening activity, sowing their own seeds. They listened to instructions really well, as they filled up their pots 3/4 full and carefully made a space in the soil for the seed to pop into. They then watered them and talked about all the different things that plants need to grow!