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This Week at Coombe Dingle (W/C 19th April 2021)

This week at Coombe Dingle babies have been keeping cool in this warm weather with some water play. The children explored water balloons, feeling their squidgy texture and discovering how they POP if you squeeze them too hard!  

Some babies have been planting potatoes to grow on the rooftop garden. The children used special grow bags, placing the potatoes deep at the bottom and watering them in, then reading some books together about how to grow vegetables!

Back inside some babies have been getting messy with an art activity. The children poured the paint over the paper themselves, fostering confidence and independence, and used toy vehicles to move the paint around and make marks on the paper!

Kindergarten have been busy in the garden this week too! They explored the foam bricks, using their imaginations to create more than construction. Some children worked together to make a see-saw, one made a computer to work from, and one made a lovely bed for a snooze!

Back indoors some children got stuck into a sensory tray, full of lentils and shampoo. The children used their hands to feel the gloopy mixture, squeeze it together and role play with toys in it!

In the art studio this week children have been making art with the plastic shapes. They used them as stamps, dipping them in paint and discovering what marks they leave on paper. Whilst they did this the children talked about what makes shapes different – how many points do they have, do they have curved lines or are they straight?

This week Pre-School have been exploring the library! The children have been trying out the interactive white board together, and exploring all the different story sacks. They enjoyed reading ‘Whatever’s Next!’ with Daniel, taking it in turns to pull different objects out of the bag and discussing how they are part of the story. 

Out in the garden Pre-Schoolers have been learning about how our bodies work. They took part in an experiment, moving around really quickly – jumping, skipping and spinning – and then put their hands to their chest to see if they could feel their heartbeat. They then talked about what they might do to slow down their heart rate again, and decided that lying down and relaxing would do it!

Thursday was Earth Day, so some children took part in a sorting activity. After decorating their globe together, the children discussed the different topics that were placed around it. They talked about what they thought was good for the environment, and also what might be bad for the planet and why.