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This week at Coombe Dingle (W/C 17th May 2021)

This week at Coombe Dingle, babies have been getting stuck into a truck activity! The children moved the vehicles down the roads and through the crunchy cereal, and built tall towers from the construction blocks. Some babies also helped Steph make some sensory bottles this week, helping mix the oil and water and then carefully pouring the bright glitter in! Babies have also been visiting the library this week, exploring books independently and with friends, and playing with the story sacks!

Kindergarten this week have been exploring all kinds of activities related to shapes! Some children took part in a shape hunt, looking at different objects in the garden. They found circles, squares and ovals in both the garden resources and in nature! In the art studio the children chose from different shaped foam pieces and sequins to make beautiful crowns. They independently chose each piece of decoration and carefully glued it on! Outside the children explored making art in alternative ways, using spray bottles with paint! Kindergarten were very careful, and observed how holding the spray closer or further away changed the patterns left on the wall.

This week Pre-School have been travelling the globe! Some children learned about Japan, discussing some of things the country is well known for. They explored a tray full of sushi rice, feeling the different textures and moving it between bowls with spoons and sticks. They also looked at images of Mount Fuji! Pre-School also learned about Italy this week, talking about the origins of pasta and exploring a sensory tray with various shapes and sizes of pasta on it. Some of the older children have been exploring Letters & Sounds this week, taking part in a word recognition activity. The children were given cards with various words on, as a group they sounded out each part of the word. If the children got it right, they ‘fed’ the word to Bobby the Brown Box!