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This Week at Coombe Dingle (W/C 12th April 2021)

Ice, ice baby… This week at Coombe Dingle, Nursery have been exploring frozen paint! There were lots of different colours and shapes to discover. The children picked it up and felt the textures change as the ice melted to water in their hands, mixing the colours together too. 

Nursery have also explored a big tub of jelly this week, helping to rescue the toy animals trapped at the bottom. The children used plastic syringes, working out how to use them to pick up the mixture and squeeze it back out – splat!

Out in the rooftop garden this week babies have been exploring some of their new resources such as the seasons and emotion posters. The older children could recognise the different images and told the staff what they could find!

Kindergarten this week have been embracing the Spring weather! In the art studio this week some children made tulips, using forks instead of brushes. They were really careful as they dipped into the paint and gently pressed down on the paper – it looks great!

The children have also been enjoying the sunshine in the top garden, taking part in a twig hunt! The children searched for all the different twigs and sticks they could find, and used a sheet to help identify what tree it came from – looking carefully at the colour, shape and size of each one.

Kindergarten have also been learning and exploring colours! The children mixed the colours together in a tray before making fantastic hand prints with the resulting shades.

This week Pre-school read the book “Supertato” and took part in lots of related activities! Some embarked on a hide and seek game in the garden, searching to find all the hidden fruit and vegetables. Once they were all discovered the children discussed the different types they had found and ticked them off their ‘Shopping List’, developing their letter recognition. In the art studio some children have been getting crafty making their own Evil Peas from paper plates, carefully adding their masks and gluing on the arms and legs!

Pre-School have also spent time discussing different feelings this week. After reading the book ‘The Colour Monster’ some children worked together to  make their own monsters, talking about which colours best express how they are feeling. Others explored some emotion dice, rolling it to see what facial expression it landed on and seeing if they could work out what the feeling was – even trying to copy it themselves!