w/c 9th May 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery have been having fun in the rooftop garden! The babies investigated a tray full of soil, using their hands and other tools to move it around to different containers. They noticed they could use the tools to make marks through the soil!

Back inside some children explored a tuff tray all relating to Bristol! There was a section for Bristol Zoo, the suspension bridge and a range of different leaflets and posters that the children looked through.

In the art studio the children got stuck into some mark making using using chalks, egg crayons and wax crayons. The babies experimented with large, sweeping movements and smaller more precise drawing, practicing different shapes and lines.

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This week in Kindergarten the children have enjoyed taking care of our toy babies! They have been covering them with blankets for nap time and learning to change their nappies.

In the art studio some children enjoyed making animal footprints in the paint, choosing from lots of different colours and noticing the various patterns different animals create!

For National Technology Day the children role played with different types of technology and learning about what they are used for. They had pretend conversations on the telephone and tried out taking photographs with a camera! Afterward the group read a book learning about using technology safely.

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This Pre-School have been getting stuck into lots of creative activities! Some children experimented with paint and straws, blowing into a cup to create many bubbles. The children then tried painting with them!

Outside in the Spring sunshine, the children talked about the flowers and plants that are growing. They then decided to do some al-fresco artwork, using watercolours to replicate the different colours they could see!

Some Pre-Schoolers explored some loose part play this week, picking from pipe cleaners, pom poms and feathers to create new and inventive objects. The children focused really well on this activity and afterwards showed off their butterflies, spiders and ladders!

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