w/c 8th November 2021
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, babies have been exploring a poppy themed tray for Remembrance Day. The tray was full of red cereal, rice and couscous. The children used their fine motor skills and coordination, moving the mixture with spoons into bowls and enjoying pouring it all back into the tray! 

The babies have also spent lots of time outside having fun in the fresh air. They explored the rooftop garden resources, clambering on the wooden steps and balancing on the bikes and scooters! Back inside some children discovered a tray themed around Julia Donaldson's 'The Snail and the Whale' book! Some children picked up the green spaghetti, letting it fall through their hands, whilst some children discovered the different marks they could make in the sand with their fingers.  

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Kindergarten this week have been very busy outside in the mud kitchen! The children explored the different real life kitchen appliances such as the microwave and kettle. The children focused really well, discovering the different buttons and doors they could press and role played making some delicious food and drink for their peers! 

It was Kindergarten's turn to use the library this week, and the children loved exploring the educational games on the interactive whiteboard! The dinosaur game was a firm favourite, as children used the stylus to move each piece of the dino together to make him move and roar! 

In the art studio Kindergarten have been getting creative with paper plates, creating poppy themed art. The children chose to decorate their plates with whatever they wanted - felt tip pens, paint, sequins and tissue paper! 

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Pre-School this week have been taking part in lots of different activities to commemorate Remembrance Day. In the art studio children made their own paper plate poppies, and whilst they did so they talked about why poppies are the symbol of remembering those who gave up things for us, and why we say thank you. Some children also explored decorating biscuits with bright red icing and red fruits, complete with chocolate button poppy centre!

Out in the garden some children took part in a technology activity, choosing from a tray of cameras, phones and calculators. The children picked up each gadget, working out what it's use was and exploring the different keys and buttons! 

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