w/c 7th March 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, babies have been getting stuck into some messy play with a tray of flour! They used brushes, rollers and their hands to make marks in the tray, making different patterns and shapes.

The children have also really enjoyed the new physical resources this week. They have been crawling through the tunnels, navigating the space, and sitting together in the tent at the end!

Our babies have also spent lots of time in the nearly-Spring sunshine, exploring the rooftop garden! They tried out the balancing bikes and spent lots of time mark making with chalk on the blackboards.

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This week Kindergarten have spent lots of time in our giant sandpit! After being closed off for a while the children have loved exploring the sand resources and tools. Some children learned how to make sandcastles and shapes using the molds, whilst some used the spades to dig big holes!

Back inside there was much concentration as the children took part in a threading activity. They watched as the adults demonstrated how to move the cereal hoops down the pipe cleaners, and had a go themselves. This takes lots of focus and fine motor skills, and the children were very proud of their creations!

In the art studio this week Kindergarten got stuck into some messy 'splay' pictures. They used pegs to pick up cotton wool, dipping it into paint and then SPLAT onto the paper! The children experimented with hard and soft movements, making lots of different marks.

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Pre-School this week have been taking part in lots of animal themed activities! They did a fantastic job taking part in a bug search in the garden. Once they found one of the hidden cards the children were asked if they could name the insect. 

In the art studio this week there was an activity that involved lots of different senses! The children listened to music and painted along with what they could hear, moving their brushes quickly to the fast music and slowing down when it was calmer!

For International Women's Day some children went to visit the Red Bus Library. They watched a video about women and girls, saying that "We can do anything!" Afterwards the children talked about the girls and women in their lives and why we love them, and had a go drawing them on the interactive whiteboard!

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