w/c 7th February 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, Nursery have been getting stuck into lots of different Valentines themed activities! Some children took part in some mark making, using stamps and red paint to create a variety of marks over a heart shaped stencil. 

Some children explored a love themed sensory tray! The babies picked up the rose petals carefully, and experimented with throwing them up into the air. The adults spoke about the words written on the tray to help promote early literacy! 

There was also a farm themed sensory tray this week, filled with a variety of textures and small world objects to explore. The children picked up handfuls of sand and cereal, mixing it with the water and using the toy animals to make marks in the different surfaces!

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Kindergarten have spent lots of time outside this week, on a bug hunt! The children looked through different pictures of insects, matching the ones that were the same, then searched around the garden for what they could find. Some children cleverly spotted our ladybird hanging decoration, and the minibeasts poster on the fence!

Back inside the children took part in an Oral Health activity. First they watched Hey Duggee's Toothbrushing Song, then talked about how it's important to brush our teeth in the morning and at night. The children then followed the steps to brush the paper teeth, using real toothbrushes to scrub away all the dirt!

Kindergarten have also celebrated Valentines Day with a finger painting activity. The children dabbed their fingers in pink, red and white paint and made marks over paper, creating a beautiful blossom effect!

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This week Pre-School have been taking part in lots of activities inspired by Children's Mental Health week! A group of children sat and talked about all the things they like about themselves. The grownups printed a picture of them to look at, and together they labelled all their favourite things and shared them with their peers!

Pre-School have also been taking part in lots of al fresco artwork, inspired by a different artist every day! One day the children looked at Jackson Pollock, and made their own collaborative piece by dripping, flicking and splashing paint all over the large piece of paper!

The children also looked at alternative ways of mark making, using (clean) mop heads! The Pre-Schoolers took turns to dip the mop into paint and push it over the paper. This is great for their gross motor skills, which will later help fine motor skills such as holding a pen or paintbrush!

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