w/c 6th June 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery have been exploring mark making with the finger crayons! The chunky shape was perfect for their little hands to grip, with some children noticing the inside was hollow - 'wearing' the crayons like finger puppets and stacking the different colours! 

Some children went on an adventure to the giant sandpit, exploring the new resources there. Some children enjoyed filling and emptying the buckets and containers, whilst some used toy vehicles - moving the trucks back and forth across the surface!

Back inside some babies explored the musical instruments! The children discovered the various ways the different objects made noise - shaking, tapping, and pressing different buttons!

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This week in Kindergarten the children learned all about bugs! They read through some insect fact books and then used their observation skills to search for bugs in the garden. 

Some children enjoyed testing out the new trikes and bikes in the lower garden, using their balancing and coordination skills to navigate the space and avoid obstacles!

Back inside in the art studio, some children enjoyed making mosaic pictures! They used tissue paper 'tiles', gluing them down to create beautiful pictures. Some children explored making patterns with the pieces, lining the squares up or alternating colours!

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Pre-School this week have enjoyed getting creative and expressing themselves, making their own stories in the art studio! They used their imagination to think of exciting characters and plots, drawing them with coloured pencils. 

Elsewhere, some children engaged in a playdoh activity in the garden. They used natural resources and cutters to make different shapes and creatures!

Other children enjoyed making shapes using lollipop sticks. They used small 2D shapes as reference, discussing how many edges and corner each had before trying to replicate them.

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