w/c 6th December 2021
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, babies have been creating their letters to Father Christmas! They decorated postcards with paint dabbers, exploring all the different colours, and even took turns sending off their letter in the postbox!

There have also been lots of sensory activities to explore this week. Some children got stuck into a sparkly tray full of sequins and sand! The babies practiced their fine motor skills, picking out the individual sequins and moving the sand around with bowls and spoons. 

Some babies also explored a winter wonderland - a tray full of floury 'snow' and a wooden 'Polar Express' train track! Some discovered how to manipulate the flour with their hands, copying their adults by making marks and picking up handfuls. They also looked carefully at the train track, getting the pieces to fit together and moving the train around the tray!

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Kindergarten have been ever so busy this week with Christmas crafts! They've been exploring hand and foot prints with paint, pressing them onto paper. Some children thought this was very funny, particularly when they painted their tickly feet and told the adults "It's cold!". Some children also created some festive collages, choosing from pompoms, feathers, sequins and tissue paper. They independently placed the items wherever they wanted, making amazing artwork!

In the lower garden this week the children have been using their amazing imaginations, exploring the plastic tubing. They moved the tubes around in lots of different ways, discovering they could balance them upright. They then used them as slides, cleverly leaning them against the outdoor sofa and letting toy cars go flying down!

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This week Pre-School decided that Father Christmas' beard is a little unexciting - so they gave him a makeover! The children used the plastic pipettes to pick up different colours of dye, and brought them over to Santa's cotton wool beard and watched as the different colours mixed and blended together. 

In the art studio this week some children have been making photo frames, decorating lollipop sticks with stickers, sequins and glitter. As they did this, the children talked about who they might give these frame to as a present, and how it feels to give and receive gifts at Christmas!

In the main room lots of fun was had with a game of 'Pin the Nose on Rudolph'! The children took turns putting on a blindfold, and trying their best to get Rudolph's red nose in place. The children thought it was very funny to see where his nose ended up afterwards! 

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