w/c 4th October 2021
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, babies explored the fabric ribbons! At first the children enjoyed the texture and feel of the interwoven pieces, picking them up and moving them around – then they discovered there were objects hidden in the tray! The babies then focused really well, using their hands to explore the tray and pull out different toys and shapes. Out on the rooftop garden babies have been playing outside in the Autumn sunshine, wrapping up warm and exploring the pushalong toys and climbing shapes! Resources like this encourage the babies with their physical development, navigating balancing and movement across different heights and surfaces. Babies have also spent lots of time in the art studio this week, creating lots of seasonal masterpieces. Some children explored the dabbers, using them to mix together paint and using a maple leaf stencil to recreate the shape underneath. Some children got into the spooky spirit with some Halloween stamps, pressing them into paint and discovering the different marks and shapes they could make!

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Kindergarten this week really enjoyed reading the story of the Little Caterpillar, listening to how he transforms into a butterfly. In the art studio children made their own butterflies from paper – carefully painting one half and folding it over to make a pattern on the wings! Some children created painted hand prints to make the winged shapes too. Out in the garden some children joined in with in a throwing game, taking turns getting beanbags into a tyre. The children patiently waited for their turn, and used their coordination and balance to get their bags into the target! Back inside Kindergarten explored a number recognition activity. The children did an amazing job of matching the number of dots on the dice to the numbers on the cards!

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This week Pre-School have been exploring the foam construction blocks. As a group they decided they would build a pirate ship, working together to stack the blocks and hoist the mast! Pre-School have also been in the library this week, exploring the interactive whiteboard. The children really loved the painting programme, using the stylus to pick different colours and make lots of different marks – small delicate dots and wide sweeping shapes! In the garden Pre-School tackled a tricky assault course, navigating lots of different physical obstacles. The children were brave, crawling through the tunnel, jumping over blocks and wiggling through hula hoops!

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