w/c 3rd January 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, Nursery explored an invitation to play that was all about colours! There were trays of paint set up with different toys next to them. The children could explore however they wanted to, dipping the different toys into the paint and using them to make bright and beautiful marks on the paper! Some children explored a dinosaur themed sensory tray this week. They approached the tray, picking up the different dinos and moving them through the leaves, grass and cereal. They noticed the noise they made stomping through the cereal - crunch crunch! There was also a mini-carwash set up this week, as the babies discovered the cars were all stuck in the mud (Well...chocolate pudding!). The babies tipped the cars into the bubbles, wiping them clean with cloths and enjoying splashing the water everywhere!

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Kindergarten this week have been exploring the animal masks. The children took it in turns to try on each mask, and tried to recognise each of the animals on display. Some children could even make the noises of the animals too! Kindergarten have also been learning about colours in an activity that also promotes fine motor skills. It's fiddly work picking up cotton reels with tweezers and getting them into the bowls, the children focused really well and managed to match up the colours of the reels and bowls too! There was a group artwork project in Kindergarten this week. The socks and shoes came off, and the children tried stepping into paint! They talked about the different sensations they could feel, and experimented with making a variety of marks on the paper. 

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This week Pre-School got stuck into a sensory tray full of lots of different textures! The children picked up the foam, flour, and even baked beans with their hands and thought about the different words they could use to describe the feel, and mixed them together to create new textures. The children also took part in an emotions activity this week, using the characters from Inside Out. They talked about the different feelings we all experience, and how we might show them with our facial expressions. They then talked about what things can make us happy, sad or worried! Out in the garden the children talked about the different shapes, and tried drawing them on the ground with chalk. They then experimented with different lines, curves and points to make their own shapes!

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