w/c 31st January 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, babies got stuck into a soft sensory tray full of foam and paint! The children explored the tray in a variety of ways. Some children picked up handfuls of the foam to explore the textures, some children mixed the paint colours together to create patterns in the tray!

Some children this week also got to explore the library! The children looked through books and the toy characters independently, as well as listening to some song books on the interactive screen.

Back upstairs some children have been playing with new jigsaw and sorting toys! They explored the different shapes and colours, working out how to fit the pieces together or stack them into tall towers!

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Kindergarten this week explored a multisensory activity! They were invited to use a combination of mark making tools on top of bubble wrap, with paint poured on top. The children used the brushes to mix and stir the paint over the top, enjoying the different sounds and textures the bubble wrap produced!

For Lunar New Year some children explored a tuff tray full of sparkly red coloured rice and pasta, shaped like a dragon! The children used spoons to scoop the mixture into bowls and stir it together.

In the art studio this week Kindergarten have been making lanterns! The children chose from lots of different coloured paints, making marks across the paper, and finishing them off with a sprinkle of glitter!

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Pre-School this week took part in an obstacle course in the garden! The children navigated a variety of physical challenges - climbing under netting, jumping through tyres and sailing down the slide!

Back indoors some children have been learning about nature, and had a go at planting some seeds. The children scooped the soil into pots and talked about what they thought seeds might need to grow. Some said sunlight and some said water - so they made sure to give them both!

Elsewhere this week some Pre-Schoolers took on a sensory challenge, putting on a blindfold and picking up an object. The children had to use their words to describe what they could feel - bumpy, smooth, soft, cold! 

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