w/c 2nd May 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle there have been lots of sensory invitations to play! Some children got stuck into a tray full of shredded paper, using their hands and spades to scoop it up. They discovered it was fun to throw it up into the air, making it look like it was snowing!

Some children explored a tray full of cold and colourful spaghetti! They used challenging tools such as tweezers and forks to move the pasta around, developing their fine motor skills!

There was more colour themed activities this week as the adults set up a matching game! The children had a go at matching their blocks to the correct colour splat, as they did so the adults spoke about the number of blocks and the names of the different colours! 

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This week in Kindergarten, the children sat down as a group to read the book 'Shark in the Park'! Afterward, they tried making their own telescopes, testing them out and discussing what they could see through them.

With the weather getting warmer the children have noticed nature is changing and the flowers are beginning to grow! Some children had a go at planting, scooping the soil into the pot and carefully adding the flower seeds. They then put them in a sunny place to keep warm and grow!

For World Maths Day, Kindergarten worked together to enjoy a game of Snakes and Ladders. The children took turns rolling the dice, counting the number of dots and moving their counter the correct amount - great work!

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In Pre-School this week the children have been role playing as fire fighters. They discussed the important jobs that the fire service provides, and pretended to put out the painted fire in the front garden using syringes!

Some children enjoyed exploring a tuff tray with ice cubes, pipettes and coloured water as well as some tools to break the ice. The children discussed what they could feel, whether it was hot or cold, and what happened when the ice became too warm!

Some children enjoyed watering the plants in the front garden this week. They noticed that some are growing bigger and flowering, and discussed what plants need to be healthy and flourish!

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