w/c 29th November 2021
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, Nursery have been feeling festive! The babies got stuck into two Christmassy trays this week. One was filled with tinsel, fluffy pom poms and fairy lights - the children loved feeling the different textures! Some babies also explored a tray full of festive rice and Christmas sequins, using their hands to mix it all together and pouring it into different bowls!

There has also been lots of construction play this week, as the babies donned their hard hats and hi-viz jackets to do some building! The children experimented with different ways to stack the foam blocks, changing their methods to make them balance and build tall towers. 

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Kindergarten have been writing letters to Father Christmas this week! Each child was given a piece of paper and drew what they wanted to receive for Christmas. Not only does this activity encourage children's independence and creativity, but holding pencils and mark making help them work towards writing and literacy skills too!

In the sensory tray this week Kindergarten explored a wibbly-wobbly bowl full of jelly - but they soon discovered there were toy insects hidden in it! The children quickly worked to dig them out, and enjoyed the squishy texture of the jelly in their hands.

Some children read the book 'The Smartest Giant in Town' with Amy this week, and afterwards had a go at making their own crowns. They used crayons to decorate the outside, and with a bit of help stuck them together to make the crown - don't they look amazing!

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This week Pre-School have spent lots of time in the art studio, exploring lots of different Christmas craft activities. Some children looked through catalogues, discussing together what they wanted for Christmas. They then tried using scissors to cut out pictures of their favourite toys, making a collage to send off to Santa! Some children tried painting their own Christmas trees, looking at photographs of them and working out what they needed to do - deciding on green paint, and making lots of different shapes!

Out in the garden the Christmas tree theme continued, as the children went on a search for natural resources they could make into their own miniature tree. The children found lots of different leaves and twigs, and tried sticking them into playdough!

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