CD B 1

w/c 31st January 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery we got stuck into a colourful sensory tray! It was filled with so many brightly coloured resources - soft fabric, wooden rainbow pieces and the wooden viewfinders. We really enjoyed the sensation of the satin on our faces and hands, and looking through the different shapes - peekaboo!

We also had a bubbly good time in the water tray! We used lots of measuring and pouring resources such as the jugs, funnels and bowls. We repeated the motion of filling and pouring the water back down into the tray!

Out in the garden we have been wrapping up warm to explore the rooftop garden! We really loved clambering over the wooden bridge and hexagons, and explored the sand tray!

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This week in Kindergarten we spent lots of time outside in the front garden! We loved using the loose parts, building 'cars' from the crates and steering wheels. We enjoyed turning the wheels, role playing driving a car!

This week we have also been learning facts about animals! We looked carefully at the animal cards, the adults explained the names of the animals and made the noises which we then copied!

Up in the top garden we have been exploring our magnetic construction tiles! We experimented with attaching the tiles and pulling them apart, then using them to build - we created long lines, tall towers and even created 3D shapes!

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We had a toy story theme in the tuff tray today. We made our own Mr and Mrs potato heads using lots of different vegetables. We used the safety knives to cut and chop to create features for our own potato and used the bradawl to help make holes in the potato to secure the features we had made. 

We enjoyed going down to the dining room and listening to Liza read Super worm. Zoe had made some red playdough so that we could make our own super worms. We enjoyed squishing the playdough and rolling it on the table. We made swings, skipping ropes and even made a super long super worm that went all the way around the table.

We have been really enjoying super heroes this week because we opened up the super hero Role play area! So, we carried this interest into the construction area and were given the task to build something for a super hero using any of the construction blocks. We were super proud of our creations! 

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