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w/c 28th March 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, nursery have been experimenting with mark making! The babies used mega blocks as stamps, dabbing them into the paint and then onto paper to make a variety of patterns and shapes.

Some babies had lots of fun playing in a sensory tuff tray! The children explored the variety of sensations, picking up handfuls of cereal and mixing it with the blue custard, and using rakes to make marks in the sand!

Babies have also really enjoyed the sand tray this week. There are lots of different tools to choose from such as pots, colanders and spades - the children picked each of them up to help them transport the sand around! 

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To celebrate the start of Spring, Kindergarten have been taking part in lots of activities relating to flowers and nature! They used felt tips to colour in cupcake cases and paper plates, filling them with lots of lines and shapes. They then carefully glued the case to the plate to make a flower!

In the art studio some children have been exploring paints. They talked about the colours of daffodils and tulips, choosing similar paints to make their own versions of the flowers!

Kindergarten have also planted their own sunflower seeds this week. As a group the children discussed that seeds can transform into flowers, and the different things they need to grow! They then each had a go at planting their seeds into a pot.

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There's been so much different types of weather this week, and Pre-School have loved discussing it! Each day they talked about what the weather was like, and what happens when it's raining, sunny, and so on. The group decided they liked rainbows the best - so they made a big rainbow out of all the toys and resources they could find in the room!

Pre-School have also taken part in lots of activities relating to the five senses. One day they went outside to practice listening - sitting quietly to see what we could hear out in the garden. Afterwards, the children took turns describing what they could hear, and whether it was loud or quiet!

Some children also took part in a weather experiment, about how rain falls from clouds. The group took turns to place dyed water onto shaving foam, and watched as the colours fell through to the container below! The children tried a variety of colours, and noticed that they mixed together in the water to create brand new ones.

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