w/c 28th February 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, nursery have been getting stuck into some squishy spaghetti! The children developed their fine motor skills using forks to twirl and mix the pasta, stirring it into paint to create beautiful patterns!

Some babies also explored a sensory beach themed tray this week! The children used their hands to pick up the foam and squish it in their hands, and moved the toy vehicles back and forwards through the sand!

For World Book Day the children got stuck into a texture tray full of different fabrics and books. The children loved experiencing the different textures and turning the pages of the books, pointing out different characters!

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Kindergarten have been busy creating a display for Window Wonderland! The children used glue to decorate pieces of paper with glitter, making sparkling raindrops to go on the window.

Some children got stuck into a searching activity, using tweezers to search through a tub of foam. They managed to find the different magnetic letters hidden around, then went to the easel to see if they could match up the letter with the outline!

Kindergarten also had a fun time playing with mountains of shredded paper! The children scooped up handfuls and threw them in the air, and were taught how to make 'angels' in the ground!

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Pre-School have been taking part in lots of activities inspired by books, for World Book Day! Some children read the Worry Monster, and talked as a group about the different things that can make us worried. The children then drew their own monsters on paper!

After reading Handa's Surprise the children were inspired to take part in a taste testing activity. They did a great job of trying the kiwi, avocado, and pineapple and sharing the plates with their peers!

Out in the garden some children took part in construction, inspired by the story of the Three Little Pigs. They children used foam bricks and wooden blocks to construct towers and bridges, and discussed whether the wind would blow them over!

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