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w/c 27th September 2021
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, Nursery have been taking part in lots of Autumnal activities! Some babies have been using dabbers to make marks – using red, orange and brown paints to fill a leafy tree and decorate maple leaves. Some children got stuck into a wintery weather tray, filled with vehicles and floury snow! The children experimented with moving the trucks, cars and trains through the tray discovering the different marks they can leave. The rainy weather didn’t stop babies from outside adventures this week! The children wrapped up warm in their coats and puddle suits and discovered a water tray filled with various buckets, boats and toys. The children enjoyed gathering the fish into the buckets and splashing the water with their hands!

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Kindergarten this week had a roaring good time, exploring a dinosaur themed tray. The children enjoyed playing with the toy dinosaurs, discovering they could crush the cornflakes with their footprints – crunch crunch! Other children used spades and spoons to scoop the cornflakes, watching them fall back onto the tray and gathering them in piles. Elsewhere this week children have been discussing emotions, using mirrors to look at their faces and practice expressions. The children took turns to say how they were feeling, and what sort of things can make them happy, sad or excited. Kindergarten also explored a height chart this week, which described the heights of different animals as well as having measurements on the side. The children took turns to stand in front of it, discovering how they measured up to elephants, tigers and monkeys!

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This week in Pre-School children have been taking part in lots of outdoor adventures. The children took a relaxing moment to listen quietly, discovering the sounds of the birds and wind through the trees. Afterwards the children decided as a group to gather lots of sticks and leaves and glue them into an amazing natural collage! Elsewhere some children participated in a bug hunt, using magnifying glasses to search high and low for different minibeasts. There was a lot of excitement as the children discovered a ladybird, woodlouse and slug hidden in the garden! Back inside the children learned about the human body, exploring books that show where the bones, muscles and organs are. They then tested their knowledge by picking various body parts and sticking them to the right place!

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