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w/c 27th June 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery transformed their vintage suitcase into a sandpit! The children clambered in, and were invited to use the scoops and rakes on the surface of the sand leaving marks. They even discovered the toy insects hidden in the sand, picking them up to show their adults!

Back inside there was a sensory tuff tray to explore, filled with squishy foam and resources like spoons, bowls, and toy animals. The children took great handfuls of foam, squeezing it and feeling the strange texture! They also tried using tools to move the mixture, developing those fine motor skills. 

There was a dry sensory activity to explore too, full of lentils, pasta and rice. The children felt the different textures and shapes, and used bowls and spoons to mix and scoop up the ingredients!

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This week in Kindergarten the children got stuck into some slime! They were very brave, picking up handfuls and running it through their fingers, and talked about how funny the texture felt!

Some children learned about milk this week, learning that before it goes in the bottles it comes from cows! They looked at pictures of cows in the fields, and even had a go at milking a 'cow' made from a glove!

Some children enjoyed playing with musical instruments this week. They liked being given the choice to pick what they wanted, and tried playing them along with songs as they sang! The children tried really hard to keep the rhythm and beat as they went. 

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This week Pre-School took part in an obstacle course! They told the adults that they wanted to try some balancing, so everyone took a turn on the course where they could run, step and jump over the resources in the garden!

In the art studio children have really enjoyed using stickers, so they took part in an activity where they decorated their own shakers! They used plastic cups, filling them with a choice of either rice or pasta. The children cut out and stuck their lids down, and they explored the different sounds they could make with them. 

Some children talked about their favourite books that they have at home, so they made some brilliant bookmarks! They got creative with paper, drawing their favourite characters from books and sharing with their friends. 

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