w/c 25th April
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week on Coombe Dingle, Nursery went on a bird watching walk! The children looked through different pictures of birds, then went searching around the local area looking high up into the trees and skies to see what they could spot. 

Some children got stuck into a sensory beach themed tray this week, with lots of different textures such as crunchy cereal and squishy playdough! The children enjoyed picking up the different animals in the tray and moving them through the mixture, noticing they could leave marks in the playdough. 

Babies also explored an invitation to dress up this week, looking through real life historical objects such as an old suitcase, books and clothes. The children loved dressing up in the various hats and scarves, looking through the old books - and sitting in the suitcase!

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Kindergarten this week explored a different way or mark making, using marbles! They helped to pour paint into a tray and added the marbles, shaking and moving the tray so the paint became mixed in all together. Afterwards they captured the fantastic pattern by pressing paper on the top!

Some children enjoyed a trip to Sea Mills park this week, setting up in the playing field to play some games with the parachute. They loved running underneath the parachute and watching it fly high into the air above them!

In the top garden this week some children explored sounds. They used the percussive beaters, walking around the garden tapping on different materials to see what noise they created. They noticed some things were louder, quieter, rattly or even chimed! 

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Pre-School this week have spent lots of time outdoors. They explored the newly planted raised beds in the front garden, seeing how the flowers and plants are starting the grow. Some children even gave them a sniff - discussing that "plants are for smelling only" - discovering the curry plant! They then used the watering cans to keep them fresh.

Some children enjoyed a lovely long walk up to Blaise Castle Estate woodlands, where they played lots of different games. Some children climbed trees, some played football on the grassy area, and some sat quietly to read books! 

Back inside some children explored a new way of expressing themselves. Becky and Zoe had flipped a table upside down, wrapping clingfilm around the legs to make a see-through easel! The children tried painting on it, noticing they could see their peers through the plastic and talking to each other about what they were creating.

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