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w/c 22nd November 2021
This Week at Coombe Dingle
It's our 10th Birthday!

It's been an amazing week of celebrations at Red Bus Coombe Dingle!

Monday was 'R' day, so Nursery took part in lots of rainbow themed activities. The children loved decorating their own biscuits with - what else - bright red icing, and topping them with rainbow sprinkles! For 'Number 10' day the children explored lots of different sensory trays, developing their fine motor skills with red rice poured into a ten shaped template. For 'Bus' day babies got creative, working together to decorate a big paper bus with different sheets of paper. For a lot of children this was their first time using glue, so they watched as the adults role modelled how to stick down the pieces then explored having a go themselves! And for 'Community' day there was another sensory tray, celebrating Bristol Zoo - the babies used their hands and different utensils to mix the cereal, pasta and custard together, feeling the different textures and role playing with the toy animals!

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For 'R' day Kindergarten also explored a colourful tray, themed around the book 'The Rainbow Fish'! The children used spoons to mix the different coloured rice together, and discovered the different ways they could make marks through the rice using their fingers. There was a mathematical activity this week as the children chose from the numbers 1-9, decorating them with finger paint. Some of the children recognised the numbers, and even knew their age! For 'Bus' day the children got messy, making artwork with gears. They discovered by pushing a paintbrush through the centre of the gears they become stamps! Some Kindergarten children also used the toy vehicles, dipping them in paint and moving them across paper leaving lots of different marks and patterns behind. 

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Pre-School had some intergalactic fun this week, making their own rocketship for 'R' day. The children decorated the cardboard boxes, drawing planets and aliens and working as a team to construct the rocket! In the art studio some children also worked together to decorate a big number 10 - choosing from lots of different resources such as sequins, pom poms and tissue. The children were so pleased with their final design! For 'Bus' day Pre-School talked about lots of different kinds of transport, discussing all the different vehicles they knew of. Some children made paper airplanes, explored the boats in the water tray and moved the trucks and cars through a cereal sensory tray! For 'Community' day there was a special treat, as Katie made a firepit in the top garden as a Forest Experience. First they spoke about how we stay safe around the fire, and took it in turns to melt marshmallows over the heat for a delicious snack!

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