w/c 21st March 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle

Nursery this week have been growing outside! In the garden the children explored a tuff tray full of soil, and were encouraged to scoop it with spades and pour it into pots. They then planted some beans and seeds, and watered them with watering cans!

Elsewhere in the garden this week some children have been keeping cool with some water play! The children used paintbrushes, dipping them into the water and moving them across paper, observing the different patterns and shapes they can make.

Back inside babies have been exploring the sensory wooden shapes! The picked them up in their hands and looked carefully at the different colours and materials inside, shaking them to see if they made noise and looking through the different coloured plastic!

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This week Kindergarten explored natural textures in the top garden! The children made some crayon rubbings - picking up different objects like leaves, twigs and bark and placing them under paper to see what different patterns they could create!

Back inside there was more artwork being created in the art studio! The children explored a heart shape piece of paper that had been placed in a zip lock bag with some paint. The children used their fingers to spread and mix the paint together across the paper!

The children also made some beautiful cards for Mother's Day, using pastel paints. Some children used shapes as stamps, pressing them into paint and then to the paper, whilst others used their fingers to make their own individual marks! 

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Pre-School this week have been learning about flowers! They looked at the different parts of flowers such as the stem and petals, and tried creating their own spring flowers in the art studio using rollers and tools!

There was more creative mark making this week as some children used toy dinosaurs to paint across paper! As they worked they talked about the kinds of dinosaurs, naming them with their adults and discussing what makes them all different. 

Pre-School have also been doing some growing, sowing cress seeds! The children talked about what they thought seeds might need to grow - water, light, and soil - and added the seeds to their own pot. They then popped them on the windowsill to get them lots of sunshine!

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