w/c 21st February 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, nursery took part in a multisensory playdough activity! The children explored the dough which was scented with peppermint. They used rollers to make a flat surface which they then shaped with stamps, tools, and their own fingertips!

It has been a very colourful week in Coombe Dingle as the children explored lots of rainbow themed invitations to play! Some children took part in mark making with crayons, using the stacking toys as inspiration. As the children picked up each crayon the adults told them the colour they had, they then created beautiful patterns and shapes on the paper and had a go at stacking and counting with the toys!

Nursery also explored a bright and beautiful sensory tray, full of coloured rice and different shaped objects. The children enjoyed using their hands to mix the rice together, scooping it into bowls and pouring it back into the tray! 

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This week Kindergarten have been getting creative in the art studio! The children used bubble wrap, wrapped around a rolling pin, to make lots of different marks. The children dipped the pin into paint - some children chose to roll across the paper, some tipped the roller upright and used it to stamp up and down!

Outside this week Kindergarten have been exploring the construction blocks. They focused really well on getting the bricks to stack, problem solving as they went along by adjusting and balancing until they created amazing tall towers!

Some children also took part in a science experiment this week! They were invited to explore a tub filled with water, with a foam layer on the top. The children took turns dripping dyed water onto the foam, and watched as the 'rain' fell through to the bottom! The children enjoyed adding the colours so much, they continued by adding paint, and then pressing paper onto the top to create amazing artwork!

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Pre-School this week have been exploring the sorting toys! The children demonstrated amazing concentration as they were each given a colour to pick from the tray. They worked well as a team, sharing with each other and afterwards practiced counting how many objects they each had!

There were other mathematics based activities this week, as some children had fun with shredded paper! There were lots of hidden numbers inside the box, the children took turns to search through and pick one out. They did a great job of recognising the numbers!

Outside this week some Pre-Schoolers took part in an obstacle course! They were all given a chance to take part in the different activities, patiently waiting for their turn. The children jumped through the hoops, balanced across the beams and navigated crawling under the netting. This helps their coordination and balance and they were very proud of themselves after completing the course!

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