w/c 20th September 2021
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, babies have been reading all about The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It was a multisensory activity – the children got to taste test some of the fruits and vegetables the caterpillar was munching through too! The children linked what they were eating to what they could see in the book, some of them even saying the names of the food out loud. The sand tray has also been explored lots this week, as the babies took turns using rakes, buckets and stencils to move the around. The children used their fine motor skills to reach and pick up various objects, and observed the different ways they could move and make marks in the sand! The babies have also been visiting the library this week, in small groups. The children explored the interactive whiteboard, as well as the story time books – recognising the different soft toys as they appear in the books. 

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Kindergarten this week got stuck into an amazing seaside messy tray. The children soon mixed the crunchy sand in with the jelly sea, exploring the new textures they had created and role playing with the different boats and toys! Kindergarten also explored The Very Hungry Caterpillar this week, reading the book as a group and exploring the crochet foods. The children did a great job of recognising each type of food, and picking it out when it appeared in the story! In the expressive arts area some children discovered the pink salt dough, using lots of different tools to move and shape the mixture. Some children used their hands, carefully picking up pieces and making different objects. Some children used rollers and stamps to create new shapes!

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This week Pre-School have spent lots of time playing outside in Autumn sunshine! The children chose what resources they wanted to play with – picking the song puppets. The children leapt around singing ‘Five Cheeky Monkeys’ and hopped down onto the floor like ‘Four Speckled Frogs’! Back inside Pre-School have been green fingered, growing some cress. The children took turns to soak their cotton wool in water and carefully drop the seeds on top. They talked about what they could do to help the seeds grow, so placed them on the sunny windowsill! Back outside some children have been practicing their listening ears with a direction game. As the children ran around the garden, they had to listen very carefully for the instructions to Stop and Go!

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