w/c 20th June 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery have had a fantastic time exploring the outdoors in the sunny weather! In the rooftop garden some of the younger babies have been playing 'peekaboo' in the pop up tunnel!

Other children have been discovering natural textures and resources. Some children used their hands to explore a sensory tray filled with pinecones, flowers and lentils. Some had a splashing good time with the water tray filled with boats!

Some babies went on a trip to the Dale, looking carefully at the different wild flowers and leaves they could find. They stopped to have a snack on the grass, and watched the stream flowing below the bridge!

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This week Kindergarten created unusual artwork, using pinecones! At first the children tried dipping them into paint - sweeping, stamping and rolling them across paper to leave different marks. After that the children decided they wanted to paint with their hands too! 

Some children got stuck into a very messy sensory tray, filled with playdough and pasta. The children pushed the hard pasta shapes into the dough, creating different shapes and objects and discovering the variety of marks it left in the dough itself!

There was also an oral health activity in Kindergarten this week, as the children sat as a group and discussed why we should brush our teeth. The children then had a go at 'brushing' the paper teeth nice and clean!

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This week Pre-School took part in an experiment, exploring what happens when you mix food colouring, shaving foam and conditioner. The children used pipettes to mix the different liquids together, discovering they could create amazing multicoloured bubbles!

Others had lots of fun creating their own masks from cardboard, choosing from lots of resources to decorate them such as sequins, googly eyes or feathers. They decorated a piece of card before adding holes to it and trying them on!

Elsewhere, children kept cool painting ice cubes! They discussed how and why ice melts, as they used different colours to paint the ice!

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