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W/C 1st November 2021
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, nursery have been getting excited for Guy Fawkes Night! The babies explored a bonfire sensory tray, moving through the pile of shredded paper to see what they could find. They loved playing ‘peekaboo’ with the tissue and discovered the cardboard ‘logs’ make excellent trumpets! The children at Red Bus might be too young for real sparklers, but they did explore making edible versions instead! They dipped breadsticks into melted chocolate and carefully tipped sprinkles on the top, giving them a good wave before tucking into the delicious treat. At the art table babies have been making masterpieces, using cardboard tubes as stamps to recreate fireworks! The children dipped the cardboard into paint and moved them around in circles, side to side and up and down to leave a variety of different marks. 

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Kindergarten this week have also been busy in the art studio, expressing themselves creatively through lots of different mark making activities! Some children used chalk on black paper to recreate fireworks in the night sky, whilst some used string dipped in paper to make sprawling, twirling shapes and patterns! As they worked together the children spoke about fireworks night, what colours they might see and their favourite parts. To celebrate Diwali the children also made brightly coloured paintings using broccoli heads as a stamp! Kindergarten also wrapped up warm this week to explore the top garden and the physical resources! The children were challenged to balance, climb and crawl around the different resources, testing their balance and coordination skills.

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