w/c 18th October 2021
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, Nursery have been getting stuck into lots of seasonal fun! The children explored a spooky Halloween table full of pumpkins, leaves and green and purple rice. There was also a spooky cardboard Frankenstein head, the children took the rice and used spoons to pour it into the cardboard tray. Some babies also explored orange saltdough this week, alongside rollers, tools and stencils. With help the children tried used both hands to roll the dough flat, and used their fine motor skills to pick up and press the different tools into it, leaving marks! There have also been lots of sensory activities to discover this week, the children particularly loved the sticky, squishy red spaghetti! The babies picked up handfuls, throwing it around – and having a cheeky taste!

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Kindergarten have also got into the spooky spirit with a pumpkin tray! It was filled with oats that had been dyed different colours. The children used scoops to mix it all together, picking up handfuls and moving it through sieves and bowls. Some children have been making Halloween artwork this week. The children used sticky paper that had been sandwiched between cardboard, and explored pressing cotton wool onto it to make their own fluffy ghosts! Some children took part in a conker rolling activity, choosing different paints to pour into a tray. The children then took turns shaking and tipping the tray, moving the conkers around leaving marks over the paper!

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This week Pre-School have been learning about recycling. They looked at the different types of bins, and listened as the adults explained what each one was for. They then took turns picking up different items and deciding which box it would go in, and discussed what they use at home to recycle! Out in the Autumn sunshine some children explored playing with the parachute, each taking a corner and together throwing it way up into the air! The children were very patient and each waited for their turn to crawl under or jump on top of it. Back inside in the art studio some Pre-Schoolers explored making marks with string, carefully dipping it into paint and letting it twirl and curl over the paper! The children excitedly talked about the different marks and patterns they created.

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