w/c 18th April 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, Nursery have have been enjoying the Spring sunshine! The children got stuck into a bug themed invitation to play in the rooftop garden. They picked up the different insects and leaves, and the adults encouraged their learning by naming the creatures and even counting aloud how many legs they had! 

Some children had lots of fun in the big garden this week. As a group they explored the different resources, enjoying crawling through the tunnel and popping out at the other end, surprising the adults! They also spent lots of time in the nature area, role-playing with the grass farmyard animals.  

Back inside some children celebrated the Queen's Birthday in the art studio. They used crayons to draw different pictures, which we then made into cards that we took to the local postbox to send off to Buckingham Palace!

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Kindergarten celebrated 'High Five Day' this week with some printing in the art studio! The children used brushes to paint their hands, pressing them onto paper to make a variety of different marks. They also had lots of fun high fiving their peers with painted messy palms!

In the outdoor sandpit the children went on a hunt, searching for song cards that had been buried in the sand. Once all the cards were found the children sat as a group and sang them all, doing a great job singing along to the words and even doing some of the actions along!

Some children this week discussed coming to Red Bus, and some of the things they love about attending Kindergarten. They then drew their favourite things, deciding it would be nice to put them in a letter to Leah, the Nursery Manager! As they walked up to the postbox they talked about the Royal Mail and how they send post all across the country. 

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This week Pre-School went on a trip to The Dale! The children looked closely at the natural world around them, noticing that the buttercups and dandelions are starting the grow. The children tried blowing the dandelion heads, and held the buttercups under their chins to see the yellow glow!

Back inside some Pre-Schoolers helped to make their own playdough. They did a great job of listening to the instructions and following the recipe, adding the flour and salt and using their hands to form the mixture. Afterwards they shaped the dough, using their imaginations to create lots of different objects!

Some children learned about the Queen this week! They discussed the fact that it was her birthday, and looked at some photographs of her over the years. The children then had a go at drawing her portrait!

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