w/c 15th November 2021
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, Nursery have been getting messy with paint! The children were given lots of different colours to choose from, and a variety of brushes. They expressed themselves however they wanted to, with little dots of paint and big splodges, mixing the colours together on the paper and even painting their hands and faces! 

For Children in Need some children explored a Pudsey themed sensory tray, made from different cereals and rice! The children used spoons to mix the different materials together, picking up handfuls to sort into different bowls - and having a sneaky taste of some of it too! 

There was also a squishy, foamy sensory tray to explore this week, full of different sea creatures. The children moved the toys through the tray, mixing the foam in with the glitter and feeling the different textures with their hands!

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Kindergarten have been developing their fine motor skills this week, exploring a tray full of cereal, numbered pebbles and small wriggly worms. The children had to use tweezers to pick out the various objects and place them in a bowl, focusing really well on the task and celebrating each time they managed it!

Out in the garden the children have been searching for minibeasts on a bug hunt! The children, armed with magnifying glasses, looked closely around the corners and quieter parts of the garden to see what they could find. There was a lot of excitement when they found a spider web, but "no spider"!

Back inside some children took part in a mark making activity, exploring different coloured paints. The children took turns mixing the colours together, making brand new ones! Then making marks on paper with the result.

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Pre-School have been exploring a sensory tray this week, with lots of different textures to discover! The children picked up the foam, gel, and polysterene balls and explained what they could feel - "It's crunchy" "It's soft" "It's very cold!"

Some children have been getting into the holiday spirit early, making some Christmas gift calendars! First the children drew whatever they wanted, talking lots about Christmas and why we give people presents. They then got to stick the calendar onto the bottom and helped use the hole punch to thread the ribbon at the top!

With the wintery weather approaching, in the art studio children created snowy masterpieces using white paint. The children focused carefully as they painted, discussing the shapes and patterns they were making and what they represented!

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