w/c 14th February 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, Nursery came face to face with the Gruffalo! The children explored a themed sensory tray full of crunchy leaves and cereal, with the peg characters from the book. The children independently turned the pages of the book and looked at the pegs, some even linking the two!

Earlier in the week (when the weather wasn't quite as windy) babies explored the rooftop garden! The wrapped up in their waterproofs and wellies and enjoyed using the jugs and bowls to transfer water from the sink to the tray. They then had lots of fun splashing about!

In the art studio some children have been using the animal themed stamps. As a group they shared the different animals, experimenting with pressing them into paint and then to paper - moving the stamp up and down and side to side to create interesting patterns and shapes!

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Kindergarten this week have been feeling the love with some Valentines themed activities! The children investigated a pink shaving foam heart, dotted with smaller hearts on top. They used the plastic tweezers to carefully pick up the smaller objects from the foam using brilliant concentration, then explored the texture of the foam with their hands!

The water tray was also transformed into a sensory exploration, filled with red jelly foam! The children used tools to move the mixture around, pouring it into buckets and sweeping into piles with spades.

Some children this week took part in a teeth cleaning activity. The adults explained the importance of keeping our teeth and gums clean, and they looked at different pictures of healthy and unhealthy teeth. The children then used a pot of shaving foam as a toothpaste, using brushes to clean away the dirt! 


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This week Pre-School have been getting crafty and sharing their feelings, making Valentines Cards! The children used foam shapes, picking them indendantly and gluing them onto paper. As they did so the children talked about the special people in their lives, and why they love them!

Some children this week really enjoyed a matching game, testing their powers of observation and memory! The children tried to pick up two pieces with the same shape on the bottom. They worked well together and were very proud of themselves when they got a match!

Pre-School also celebrated Random Acts of Kindness this week. The children could pick from a tray full of different numbers, which then correlated to a random act to do for someone else. Once they picked an activity the children talked about kindness, and what doing something nice for someone else might make them feel.

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