w/c 13th December 2021
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, Nursery got stuck into a reindeer sensory tray full of cereal! The babies very quickly worked out what Rudolph had been made out of, so after a quick taste they then explored mixing the cereals together and pouring them into bowls. 

Some babies wrapped up warm for some outdoor play this week, exploring the rooftop garden! The older children were very brave on the physical equipment, navigating the different heights and demonstrating their balance and coordination!

Back inside some babies have been creating some Christmassy crispy treats, helping to make edible wreaths! They helped the adults stir white chocolate into the rice cereal, added some green food colouring, and pat it down into the moulds. Yummy!

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Kindergarten were so excited to greet a snowman this week! They were immediately involved in this tray full of snow, scooping up large handfuls of it and letting it sprinkle down just like real snow! Other children focused on a small part of the tray, seeing how they could leave marks through the snow with their fingers.

Kindergarten have also had lots of fun in the art studio this week! Some children made angel shaped handprints, listening well to instructions as they painted their hands and pressed them onto paper to leave different patterns. Some children also explored a different way to mark making this week, using gift bows attached to the end of a paintbrush! They explored this new way of painting, pressing the bow into different colours and dabbing and sweeping it across paper.

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Pre-School had lots of fun this week playing a matching game! The children took turns to pick a card, checking to see if it matched their board. The children showed great observation and memory skills, matching up their penguins and counting up how many they had to go!

The art studio has been very busy this week, with lots of different Christmas activities. Some children explored making snowflakes, a perfect opportunity to practice using scissors safely! They folded up a piece of paper and tried making different small snips around the edges. They then unfolded them to reveal a symmetrical pattern!

Things also got a little messy with a finger painting activity. Kat demonstrated how you could do it, alternating the colours to make a beautiful candy cane. The children then had a go, dipping their fingers into the various paints and creating lots of different shapes and patterns!

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