w/c 11th September 2023
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery we really enjoyed exploring some cloud dough! We liked the texture of it, stretching it and - even better - it smelled like sweet apples, we really enjoyed smelling it!

In the extension some of us were given the opportunity to explore a new and intriguing texture - chia seeds in water! We gathered around the split tray and used our hands to touch it. Some of us were a bit apprehensive at first but once we got our hands stuck in... it wasn’t so bad! We kept showing the adults the slimy seeds on our hands!

In the art studio we had fun with paint! We loved using the paintbrush and the paint stamps! We also had great fun choosing which colour to use next whilst we also named the different colours as we went on.

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This week in Kindergarten we have been mixing paints to make new colours with our hands! We painted our hands with the paint brush, rubbed our hands together and made hand prints on our paper. We talked about the colours changing and what our favourite colours were!

In the tuff tray, we had our very own hair salon! We practised using scissors to help with our fine motor skills and cut the spaghetti hair, an adult helped us get used to the scissors and we had lots of fun creating new hairstyles!

Outside in the garden, we had a drawing station set up, where we could mark make, we talked about what we could see around us and we noticed a slug moving across the floor so we drew our very own slugs. We also made a car using the crates and tyres and loved driving around using the steering wheel.

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This week in Pre-School we have been celebrating Roald Dahl Day! We talked about the different books he has written and joined in with many different themed activities. Some of us made our own 'Marvellous Medicine', adding ingredients to a big pot and exploring textures, smells and changes!

Some of us drew our own "Giant Peach" on orange paper, carefully using scissors to cut out the shape. We knew that there were lots of insects inside the peach, so we tried making crayon rubbings with the bug shaped pebbles!

Out in the garden we have been super active and imaginative with some 'Wacky Races'! We had to think of different ways to move across the grass - we had lots of great ideas such as pretending to ride a motorbike, crawling like frog and leaping like a kangaroo!

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