Baby 5 (1)

w/c 11th October 2021
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle babies have been getting lots of fresh air in the garden! The children explored the wicker teepee, crawling inside and playing ‘peekaboo’ with the adults. The younger babies also liked relaxing in the bouncer outside! Back inside the children explored a tray full of shredded paper, not just leaning over to pick up handfuls but climbing inside to find the different toys hidden. In the art studio some children explored a dinosaur themed tuff tray, with lots of different textures to explore. The children picked up the different sized toys and moved them around, crunching the cereal and rice ‘pebbles’!

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Kindergarten this week have also made sure to spend lots of time outside in the garden! The children took part on an obstacle course, with lots of different activities to navigate. The children took turns on the course, watching their peers jump into hoops, balance on beams and run around tyre markers! Back inside Autumn was in the air as the children explored leaf rubbing in the art studio. The children placed different leaves under paper and, with a little help, discovered that they could rub crayon over the top to display the different patterns!

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Pre-School this week have also been taking part in an obstacle course in the garden! The course was created and designed by the children themselves, as they worked together to decide what parts went where. Back inside some children explored hand printing, with some bright orange and purple paint! The children were very brave, dipping their whole hands in and carefully pressing them down onto paper to leave different marks. Pre-School this week have also been talking about their teeth, and what we do to keep them clean. Each child had the chance to share how they brush their teeth at home, and then had a go at using the toothbrushes on white board ‘smiles’, making them clean!

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