Summer Shade 3 Babies

w/c 11th July 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery have been very busy building! The children explored the foam construction blocks and wooden shapes, working out how the pieces can fit together and stack up to make tall towers - which are then very fun to topple over! 

With all this warm weather, babies made sure to take part in some water play. They really enjoyed the sprinkler arch in the rooftop garden, running underneath it and watching as the water sprayed on them!

Some babies also kept cool in the shade, crawling around in the tunnels and tents and chasing their peers!

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This week in Kindergarten have also taken part in lots of water themed activities! Some children explored washing up, investigating lots of bowls filled with cool bubbly water. They experimented with pouring the water in and out of the containers, and using cloths to clean them up! 

In the top garden some children explored using the viewfinders and binoculars! They took turns really well, peeking through to see what they could see. The children spotted birds in the sky, flowers in the garden, and their friends! 

Kindergarten also enjoyed playing with water balloons this week! Some children tried throwing them, causing big splashes, whilst others liked handling them carefully to try and keep them from bursting. 

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This weekend Pre-School enjoyed their graduation ceremony, and on Monday explored the leftover balloon decorations! The children painted the balloons using a paintbrush, then tried rolling and stamping them on paper making lots of new and interesting patterns!

In the top garden a group of children explored the small world area, using the toy people and vehicles on the bridge and road. As they played the children were encouraged to share their own experiences, and spoke about the different cars and journeys their families go on!

Elsewhere in the top garden some children explored the binoculars! They noticed that when they looked through them, they could see things so far away. They looked back at the nursery and managed to spot some birds sat on the roof!

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