w/c 11th April 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, nursery went on a trip to the local woodlands! The babies went to visit 'The Dale' nearby, setting up a picnic. They sang some songs and enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs hidden in the grass!

Back indoors some children made yummy nest cakes! The babies helped to add the rice cereal to melted chocolate and tried really hard to mix it all together. After letting it set, they then decorated the cakes with lots of delicious toppings!

Nursery children have also been playing in the construction role play area! The babies used their imaginations, putting on their hard hats and hi-viz jackets, and worked together to build towers using the large foam blocks!

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Kindergarten this week have been getting stuck into lots of Easter themed activities. Some children have been taking part in some baking, creating Easter biscuits in shape of bunnies. The children loved using the shaped stamps in the dough! 

Some children went on a group trip around the local area, looking closely for hidden Easter eggs dotted around! The children were really proud of themselves finding them hidden on hedges and lamposts, and enjoyed counting them out when they got back to the setting - they had found forty eggs! 

In the art studio this week some children have been getting very messy with paints! They used yellow paint, dipping their hands and fingers in and seeing what kind of shapes and marks they could create on paper. They noticed the shapes looked a little bit like Easter chicks! 

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This week Pre-School also went on a trip, searching for small eggs on an Easter hunt around the local roads! The children searched high and low, up and down and placed them in their own buckets. As they walked the children talked about Easter and what some of us do at home to celebrate it!

There were more egg hunts back inside as the children explored a big bucket of shredded paper! They dug deep into the trug and counted out how many eggs they could find. They then had lots of fun playing with the paper afterwards, making it 'snow'! 

In the art studio the children explored mark making using yellow paint, forks and feathers. The children used the forks to move the paint over paper, observing the different marks they could make.

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Easter Bank Holiday Closures