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The Library – 29th April 2021

Coombe Dingle have been exploring the new library. This room was once the management office, then a storage area, and during the building work it was briefly part of Pre-School!

Now it’s a designated space for reading and learning that will be accessed by all ages at some stage. Children will be able to choose from a range of books, or browse the Story Time Shelf – full of characters from their favourite stories.

This week Pre-School have been exploring the activities on the interactive smartboard. Not simply a large television screen, this technology is full of different games that children actively take part in!

They can make their own stories up by moving objects onto the digital page, match words to the objects, complete jigsaw puzzles and flex their creative muscles drawing with the stylus. These activities also help children become comfortable and confident with technology, and these play based interactions will support them to use technology in a more purposeful way later on in life.



Other groups have been looking at the Story Sacks. Each bag contains parts and characters from a book, and children are encouraged to take turns to find each object in the bag as they appear in the narrative.
These sacks help children become involved in the telling of the story, part of the activity instead of observing from a distance. It also helps with vocabulary and word recognition, and emotional literacy – allowing children to explore their feelings on a topic and express them, and to consider the thoughts and feelings of others. It is also a social activity, where peers work together and share what they have discovered.