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February 24th 2022
Flax Bourton - The Build

We stopped by the Flax Bourton site, where work has progressed in the Nursery (0-2 year) and Kindergarten (2-3 year) rooms!

Nursery have the start of their dumbwaiter lift in place, which will carry the food directly from the kitchen up to their room! You can also see the layout of the sleep room, as well as the extension space to the main room. This space will eventually lead to our dedicated Nursery rooftop garden!


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The extension work to Kindergarten has also started - you can really see how large the room will be when finished! You can also see the 'courtyard' - an outside space that sits between Kindergarten, the management offices and Pre-School. This space will be for Kindergarten, and is being created in addition to the main gardens that surround the building.


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There hasn't been much change to Pre-School, but it won't be long until it looks completely different. On this far wall we will install large double folding doors - imagine how sunny and light this room will be once they're in!


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Dining Room, Kitchen, Staff Room and Offices

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