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12th April 2022
Flax Bourton - The Build

We're so pleased with how work is progressing on site for Red Bus Flax Bourton - we're still on track for opening Monday 13th June!

Even from the outside, the building looks completely different! The upper roof has been retiled, our new windows and doors have been installed, and an access ramp is being put in from the main road to our front door. 

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The Nursery room has new walls, new ceilings - and quite importantly, a new staircase! The extension is also nearly there, we love the addition of the skylight windows letting in even more natural light.


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Our Kindergarten room is also progressing, with new doors leading out to their outdoor areas. Not only will Kindergarteners access the full lower gardens that sweep around the building, we are also creating a separate 'courtyard' space just for them. This sits right in the middle of the building itself, surrounded by the Management offices and corridor that leads to Pre-School. We've got lots of ideas planned for this lovely little area!


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We didn't go into Pre-School this time round due to the flooring - but we couldn't resist peeking in from the garden and leaning through the doorway to grab some pictures! You can really see the size of this lovely big room now. One door will lead straight out to the main gardens, one will lead out to a covered sandpit and water exploratory area for Pre-School.

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Dining Room, Kitchen, Staff Room and Offices

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