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Camera Day at Pre-School Coombe Dingle

Today at Coombe Dingle we had a visit from Alice, our Marketing Assistant. She takes a lot of the photographs for Red Bus, so she brought along her cameras for us to try!

We were all keen to get started, but to begin with we all listened carefully to the Camera Rules.

1. Always wear the neck strap

2. Hold the camera with both hands

3. Do not run with the camera

4. Do not take the camera into the toilets

5. Always ask permission before you take someone's photograph

We slipped the neck strap over our heads and practiced holding the camera with both hands to make sure it was secure. Alice, Sophie and Anouska were on hand to show us how to turn the camera on, how to look through the viewfinder and what button to press to take a photograph!

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Once we understood the rules, we were off! The adults encouraged us to take photographs of our favourite things at Red Bus. We held the camera up to our eyes and pressed the button, some of us even experimented with the zoom function and taking videos.

We were challenged to take photographs in lots of different ways, moving the camera higher or lower or moving closer or further away from the subject. 

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We did a great job of asking our peers and adults if we could take their portrait. We talked about how sometimes we have to have our photographs taken - for example, if we go out on a trip at Red Bus! But if a friend says no, we must respect their wishes and try something else. 

Using a camera is like any form of artistic expression - it allows us to (quite literally) share our viewpoint of the world, capture what is most important to us and share with our friends. Check out our gallery below!

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