Red Bus Nursery & Pre-School's Journey so far

Red Bus Nursery & Pre-School Coombe Dingle, Bristol opened for the first time in November 2011 & since has expanded to a second setting in Downend, South Gloucestershire which opened in June 2015 with the objective of attaining and sustaining a high quality setting for childcare.



In October 2016 Downend Nursery expanded it’s Kindergarten Unit with a beautiful Yurt!



For Coombe Dingle, we were granted planning permission to make some significant changes to our setting to further enhance what we offer, supported by Bristol City Council to increase the number of 3 & 4 year old places across Bristol.

This took us a year to achieve and during that time we extended Pre-School allowing us to help with some day to day things such as making their own cloakroom and far better interaction between the indoors and outdoors. We enhanced our Nursery Suite to offer more space and better facilities including a cloakroom area. Reconfigured the Kindergarten unit to provide a specific quiet area for the children for both napping and just chilling out.  Reconfigured our public and office areas to make flow around the building better, extended into our basement area for dining, offering a much larger area and finally, we have had a complete redesign and extension of outside space to offer children a far better experience and to make it usable all year round.


Our Aims and Objectives

Red Bus Nursery & Pre-School is a very special place where children can express themselves and fulfil their development in a caring and safe environment.

Together we can produce happy and confident, children. Who develop at their own pace supporting them in a their journey towards responsible self-care and self-regulation to reach their full potential.

What makes Red Bus the right choice for your child

  • We listen to parents and carers about what they want from a Nursery & Pre-School
  • We design amazing, well equipped settings with inspiring inside and outside spaces.
  • We employ highly qualified Early Years Practitioners, the best in the sector, everyone of them passionate about childcare.
  • We ensure every child’s learning experience is tailored to them as a unique individual.
  • Red Bus, big and exciting with a warm, caring and nurturing environment.

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