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This week in Downend (W/C 4th April 2016)

This week in Downend the children have been getting busy in the garden, preparing for Spring (and hopefully some nice weather 🙂 )

In our Nursery, the children have been exploring the roof garden, they love their new slide and have been spending lots of time outdoors in between rain showers! They have also loved looking at their reflections in the mirror tunnel. Making mess is always fun, and this week the children made marks with paint by rolling cars through to make colourful tracks!

In Kindergarten, the children spent time planting bedding plants and made beautiful footprint pictures with different coloured paints! The children also created a ‘Dinoswamp’ using gloop and lots of different dinosaur themed resources.

Our Pre-School children have also been planting their bedding plants and also they have started our ‘Kitchen Garden’ where they have planted sweet peas, potatoes, lettuces, carrots sunflowers! We can’t wait to see them grow, and the children will be helping to water them and monitor how well they grow.

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