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This Week in Downend (W/C 9th March 2020)

This week in Downend, Nursery have been exploring the big garden! The children investigated the mud kitchen, getting muddy in the process, went down the slide lots (& lots) of times and went around the garden on the big bikes – what fun! Some children went to the ‘secret’ rooftop garden where they did outdoor sponge painting to create pretty patterns on the paper and they also used the cars to create tyre patterns. Back inside they have been investigating a prehistoric sensory tray, the children moved the dinosaurs around the sand while making some very loud ROARS!

In Kindergarten this week they have been busy doing some spring cleaning. The children practised some good hygiene routines and washed the germs away off the gloves, scrub, scrub, scrub! In the Yurt the children had a craft session and did lots of painting on large scales – it turned out fantastic! On the decking they have been very involved with the water trays, moving the water down the different ramps in different jugs.

This week in Pre-School they have been exploring an ‘under the sea’ sensory tray, the children referenced this from the ‘Whale and the snail’ book. In cooking this week they went down into the dining room to visit the red bus farm shop and made some Thandai milk to celebrate Holi. They also have been practising their pouring skills by filing and emptying with jugs and pots.