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This Week in Downend (W/C 6th May 2019)

This week in Downend, Nursery children have been engrossed in the wooden cars in the main room. The adult sat with them while the children looked at the way the cars wheels moved round and round. In the art area the babies explored some moon sand, feeling the different textures with their hands and brushes. Lastly lots of fun could be found in the physical room this week, the children used a parachute to make the room look like a giant tent and discovered many different ways of going down the slide and through the gym while moving through the parachute.

This week in Kindergarten we have had an exciting development, the butterflies have hatched! The children have been cutting up lots of fruit to make them big and strong! Outside in the mud kitchen the children have been very busy making cakes and pies…. yummy! In the Yurt some children have been practising their relaxing Yoga, working on their moves.

In Pre-School this week they have had a ROAR’SOME time in the Art Studio, inspired by the Dinosaur books and toys they made their very own dinosaur eggs, which they decorated and painted in bright colours – some children are hoping that they will hatch! In the main room the children have been busy in their construction area using wooden blocks and duplo creating amazing towers and structures. The Pre-School leavers headed to the dining room this week and practised letters and sounds ready for school. The children used the story dice to create their own stories and then created some pictures to go alongside them, what amazing little Authors Pre-School have.