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This Week in Downend (W/C 6th July 2020)

This week in Downend, Nursery children have been feeling musical and have been investigating the musical instruments, the shaker was the favourite! Some children spent time listening to stories and looking at the pictures in the books, whilst some children have been exploring the link cars and closely watching the wheels go round and round when they push them. 

In Kindergarten this week they have spent lots of time outdoors, the children have been using magnifying glasses to find bugs around the garden, they found lots of slugs! The children used the large construction blocks to make a boat, and some children used the chalk to draw pictures on the ground…. they even saw a turtle!

This week in Pre-School they have been busy creating their very own puppet using different toys from around their zone, what great team work! The children have been exploring some new cars and garages this week, they stacked up the blocks and placed the cars in the correct garages. Some children used the constructions blocks to make ramps for the cars to see how fast they would go down….zooooooom!