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This Week in Downend (W/C 4th February 2019)

This week in Downend, the children in Nursery Room celebrated Chinese New Year – the year of the pig! The children started off by exploring a sensory tray full of noodles and chop sticks. Down in the dining room, some of the children washed their hands and put on their blue aprons and hair nets for a cooking activity. They helped pour and scoop all the ingredients up and even used a rolling pin to flatten the mixture. The children then cut out shapes ready to go in the oven to cook. YUM!

This week Kindergarten have been reading the story ‘Alans BIG scary teeth’! Following on from this, they explored a themed sensory tray. They used shaving foam and large scrubbing brushes to clean his razor sharp teeth, how brave! Carrying on with the story book theme, the children read ‘Monkey Puzzle’. The children then made caterpillars out of bottle lids, using green and blue tops and making patterns out of them! In the art studio this week the children used cars to spread the paint on the paper and make a variety of different patterns with lots of colours! This week Kindergarten also explored shapes, drawing on their new easel and discovering what shapes they can make out of playdough!

Pre-School also celebrated Chinese New Year this week, making their very own Chinese Dragon – how impressive! They also explored some Chinese food in the role play and pretended to cook with noodles. Some of Pre-School children read the story of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’, the children then worked together to make a healthy fruit salad. They were very careful when chopping up all the fruit. Pre-School have also continued to practice their skills at the woodwork station this week, the children did some hammering and even practiced with the screw driver to create beautiful models!