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This Week in Downend (W/C 2nd September 2019)

This week in Downend, some of the babies explored their senses… they had a special sensory walk and felt the texture on their hands and feet! They walked over beans, pipe cleaners and even pasta. The children also explored a tray full of paint frozen into moulds, the children felt how cold the ice was – and some even had a little taste of the ice! To end off the week the children did a painting activity in the art studio. They used lots of different bright colours, and explored how mixing two together can create new colours!

This week Kindergarten explored a tuff tray full of lots of different sea creatures. They found sharks, octopus, and even some pretty shells… can you hear the sea in the shell? The children continued their interest in sea creatures and explored a fishing game, using a magnet to pull up the fishes from the board… Look at all the fish they caught! In the Art Studio the children made some fantastic art work, they used their home made paint brushes – made from sticks and leaves they found in the garden. Some children  went down in to the dining room and followed a recipe from Helen, our kitchen chef,  to make some yummy cheese pastries. Luckily Helen was there to help and the children rolled out the pastries and added some cheese…then cut out lots of different shapes for them…Yum Yum Yum!

This week in Pre-School room the children have been exploring the woodwork area. The children developed their hammering skills, and even used the saw to chop the wood. Their creations looked amazing, and the children were very excited to take them home. Down in the dining room the children were inspired by the book ‘Dear Zoo’ and asked Annie for a recipe for shortbread. They used the animals to make some foot prints in the dough! To end off the week the children did a special fire pit with Jenni. They toasted marshmallows and stuck them in between two biscuits…yummy! The children used their good listening ears and followed all of Jenni’s Fire pit rules. Well done Pre-School!