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This Week in Downend (W/C 28th January 2019)

This week in Downend, with the predicted (that became a reality) snow Nursery room prepared for the Winter weather and the children had lots of fun trying on some winter clothing such as scarfs, hats and gloves. They also explored a shaving foam snowman in the tuff tray but luckily he wasn’t cold! In the art studio the children created some melting snowmen using white paint and they glued on bits of paper to make his eyes and nose. Some children embraced the cold and visited the rooftop garden and found that their toys and water had frozen overnight, thankfully the children were wrapped up super warm so they weren’t as cold as their outdoor toys.

In Kindergarten this week they visited the Water Exploratory room and they spent time emptying and filing the cups as well as exploring all of the sensory lights. Back in the room the children decided that their Dinosaurs needed a wash so they bathed them in the sensory tray which was filled with bubbles and sponges. In the mud kitchen some children found the pots and pans and decided to make some yummy mud pies and cupcakes along with a nice warm cup of mud. Lastly the children went on a shape hunt finding lots of different shapes all around Kindergarten, they found lots of circles and squares.

This week Pre-School have busy at their woodwork station using different tools such as a saw and a screwdriver! They were to be as creative as they wished and so some children added buttons and beads onto the nails. Pre-School have also been busy in the Water Exploratory room and have been washing their babies making sure they are squeaky clean! Back in the room they have been discovering the new layout of their maths area, looking for hidden shapes and in the literacy area the children got their creative hats on and made up their own stories using the story cubes. Lastly Pre-School made some bird feeders to put up in the big garden.