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This Week in Downend (W/C 22nd April 2019)

This week in Downend, the Nursery children have been busy in their art area painting with vegetable stamps. They used forks, oranges and potatoes to create different marks on the paper. In the main room some babies were interested in the hardback books and felt the different textures of the books while the adult read the book aloud to them. Kindergarten kindly lent Nursery some of the wooden cars this week, the children enjoyed pushing them around watching the wheels go round and round. Lastly during the sunny spells some children went on the rooftop garden and had lots of fun blowing bubbles and watching them go POP!

In Kindergarten this week the children have been enjoying mark making. Using stencils they created lots of different bug pictures, as well as independently drawing their own creations with crayons and chunky markers. Outside the children have been investigating their new mini mud kitchen, they made mud cakes, mud pies AND mud smoothies!

This week in Pre-School the children started off the week looking at their promises. They all thought of their very own promises that they should have for Pre-School room, such as ‘We promise to use kind hands”, “We promise to look after our toys” and “We promise to tidy our toys” – What great promises! To add to the promise board, the children all added a painted hand print, which will go around the board. Outside the children used the open ended resources to create an obstacle course, they had to balance across a beam then throw a ball into the tyre…..GOAL! Lastly Pre-School enjoyed a painting activity in the garden, they mixed powder paint colours in pots and painted the garden floor bright colours…. it looked great!