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This Week in Downend (W/C 1st June 2020)

This week in Downend we have been welcoming back some of our children and staff. In our Nursery Suite, some children have been visiting the ‘secret garden’, enjoying the sunshine. The children used the climbing wall to practise their climbing skills, spent some time POPPING bubbles (this was very fun!) and enjoyed a refreshing drink of cool water.

In Kindergarten some children have been in their garden area exploring their very own shop which sold lots of healthy food “One tomato, that’s 1p please”. They have also been investigating their local area with a magnifying glass to see what bugs and objects they could find.

Pre-School this week have been brightening up the garden with chalk, they drew around each other to see their shapes on the ground, as well as drawing their favourite animals, such as a butterfly or a dinosaur.